Contribute to Your Community

  • If you are a local business or individual wanting to support your community, you can contribute funds to a pool put aside for local projects
  • People in your community will vote for projects they like, and your contributions will be allocated to projects based on these votes, how much the project needs and how far the project is from you
  • You can contribute as much or as little as you like - if you are a top sponsor in your area, you will get top billing

Get Funding for your Community Project

  • If your community group is looking for financial support for a project or service you provide for your community, add a project explaining your project and request some funding
  • Placerama will contribute funds from the pool of sponsor funds to your project based on how much you ask for, how many votes your project gets and how far the project is from your sponsors.

Find Out What's Happening Around You

  • Use Placerama to find the most relevant news, events, real estate listings, community discussions (and more) in your neighbourhood.
  • Add your own listings for FREE